What is quantum parenting?

Being a Quantum Parent

Quantum Parenting is Conscious Parenting next level and beyond.

Imagine a world where our children get to be fully expressed and honoured for their uniqueness and supported in a way that is meaningful for their growth and development.

As a conscious parent you are practising mindful and emotionally intelligent ways of parenting your children.  

You know that the ‘one size fits all’ model of parenting does not work.

You are mindful that your children are unique and not just smaller versions of yourself.

You give your children the space and encouragement to be their authentic selves.

You wish to parent from a centred place, where your ego does not come into play, where any baggage, expectations and limiting beliefs do not spill over onto your children.

But you also know there’s more than this because we are not just mental and emotional beings, we are spiritual beings.

And you feel that this something that is missing would make a significant difference to the relationship you have with your children.

Quantum Parenting goes to the next level, and it goes beyond.

Because rather than looking at just behaviours and emotional needs, Quantum Parenting also looks at the spiritual journey that your children have chosen to take.

And how their journey is in agreement with your soul contract and your journey here.

And how, as the guardian of this soul, you can best support them.

And how, as your guide in the quantum, they can best support you.

And together you do powerful things and co-create deeply nourishing and fulfilling relationships.

A Quantum Parent honours and nurtures their child’s spiritual gifts.

A Quantum Parent loves being soul connected with their child, and the freedom, joy, and adventure this brings.

Knowing what your child’s soul wants and needs.

Supporting your child to consciously use their mastery of energy to help themselves with the human experience.

Consciously working with energy to guide your child in their journey on Earth with more precision and divine certainty.

Opening yourself up to your child’s guidance for your ascension,

You are here on Earth right now, because your

soul said yes to a mission,

A mission to co-create a new vision of family life, to anchor your unique soul gifts into the planet, so that parenting can evolve and shift into higher frequencies of love, joy, and soul alignment.

To be part of a New Earth

A New Earth is where we parent with more profound levels of consciousness and love. Where we experience deeper reverence for the soul contracts we have with ourselves and with our children we are here to be custodians of.

Because they are a gift.

Because we profoundly wish for our children to thrive.

To activate our highest vision of Parenting, we take a journey to shift out of old parenting paradigms and create our own divine paradigm.

We activate our highest expression of sovereign Parenting,

and change the world.