I sell channelled Guided Meditations, Sacred Energy Art and Oracle Cards to support individuals on their ascension journey and spiritually awake and sensitive children in my Etsy Shop.

Sacred Energy Art

Sacred Energy Art

Channelled Soul Art to transform your healing journey.

Here are some beautiful stories from amazing customers.

£29.00 unmounted and £42.00 mounted

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Deep Sleep 


The Deep Sleep Guided Meditation is embedded with healing light language, inviting you to relax into peaceful sleep. 

Set to soothing music, this healing meditation guides you on an 18-minute journey to a sacred pool where you can release weariness and busy thoughts to reach a state of inner calm.


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Journey to Inner Calm 


Journey to Inner Calm is an uplifting Meditation which gently guides you to the galactic realm, inviting you to receive what you need for inner peace.

Enjoy this 16-minute healing journey set to soothing sounds of soft Tibetan bells and gentle choirs.


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Confronting Change 

Confronting Change is a powerful Meditation which guides you to a haven of pure energy and light where you receive a gift to help you to confront change and overwhelm.

This 20-minute uplifting and calming journey is set to the sound of gentle choirs and soft Tibetan bells.


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Protection Meditation 

Maintain a strong and clear boundary around your Energy Fields with the Protection Meditation.

This powerful 6-minute Guided Meditation awash with deep tones supports you in keeping out negative emotions and negative energies and helps you to establish strong boundaries in your relationships with others.


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Emergency Meditation 

Emergency Meditation is a powerful 6-minute Guided Meditation which supports you to regulate your nervous system and come back to balance. It is extremely effective, helping you to relax and ground.


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energy cards

The Avatar in You Quantum Energy Cards


Enter the magical world of energy as you co-create with this powerful Quantum Technology, channelled by Julie Ferris and Karen Goodson with the Elemental, Cosmic and Earth realms to support soul communication, soul connection and soul healing.


For sensitive souls, star adults, star children and for the connection between star children and their loved ones. For awakened and conscious educators and therapists who work with sensitive children and adults.


Co-create your multi-dimensional healing and deepen your connection with your star child. Discover your access to your soul gifts, your soul memories, and your soul’s capabilities to create reality.


Empower your students or clients to communicate their feelings and any support that they may need non-verbally by reading the energy of the cards.


A 44-card quantum energy deck with inspiring artwork in a beautiful velvet bag and accompanied by a printed colour guidebook to deepen your understanding of the messages.



Also available in a pocket edition with a digital colour guidebook.


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Great spiritual art piece to purify your space. Wendy




Love this so much! The visual and colours draw higher vibrations. Wendy


This is a sensational and delicate spiritual healing art. The artist both talented and holds divine love for humanity to offer expansive healing opportunity for those who are in divine order to receive. Thanks you so much. Wendy



The Deep Sleep Meditation

I loved this meditation. It helped me drop off to sleep in next to no time. Something I have badly needed for a very long time. Thank you Julie. Much love and gratitude for this. 🙂 Karen