About Julie

Hi! I’m Julie Ferris:

Empowering Parents and Guardians of 

Sensitive and Spiritually Awake Children to Connect Soul-to-Soul with their Children

To Call Back more of their Soul Gifts as they Step into their Soul Mission 

To Anchor their Parenting into a Joyful and Sovereign Co-Creation with their Children.

I have always felt deeply bonded with my son, but the moment I experienced our souls meeting was an incredible one.

My journey up to that moment had been a bit of a struggle. I was juggling an emotionally stressful job in child protection with the police with being a mum and then a single mum.

Every day I was seeing children experiencing difficult situations of neglect and abuse, their physical and emotional needs ignored, ripped from what a happy childhood should be into a nightmare of just surviving.

At night I couldn’t truly rest as I was constantly thinking about these children. I became extra sensitive because I had a son, and I couldn’t imagine him being in these terrible situations.

I wanted to help these children so much that what I didn’t realise was that I was giving so much of my energy away that when it came to my own son, I had little energy left. And he could feel it. He could feel that I wasn’t present. And he reflected this back to me. He could feel what I was feeling; stressed, imbalanced, overwhelmed.

He didn’t want to go to sleep by himself. He didn’t want to go to certain places or to visit certain people, and his whole body would go into an anxious overdrive. I wasn’t able to hear him the way he needed to be heard or see him the way he needed to be seen, because my energy was so tied up in what I was doing helping others.

This broke my heart because we were already so connected and had a deep bond. But I wasn’t listening to my body, I wasn’t listening to my need to rest. I was stuck in an overdrive mode.

But even with this going on there were still moments when he could reach through and connect with me. Because our children are our biggest gifts. They are here to wake us up, to shake us up, to bring us back to our most truest authentic expression, as we help guide these little souls through the world.

And he would create these moments of laughter and pure joy with me. And this is what had me truly wake up, to want to do the inner work. So that I could be the version of myself for him that would see him, hear him and be with him the way we had always wanted to experience. So I did the inner work.

And then one pivotal moment changed everything for us.

I was drifting off to sleep when I suddenly felt in my whole body a surge of energy. I saw a beautiful being of light and my heart grew and it left my body and was there in front of me. And my son was there, and his heart was out of his body too. And we met, heart to heart in a swirl of interconnected rainbow colours. I felt such tangible joy and peace. And then in a flash, it was over.

In that moment I received pure love, pure connection. I suddenly knew that we had been together for eons, beyond time, living next to each other, by crystal streams, being with each other in joy and love. A preparation for life now. For what we are co-creating together.

We are connected.’ Is the simple but profound message I received from his soul.

This was lifechanging. I began to tune in to the reasons why he didn’t want to go to sleep alone, or didn’t want to go to certain places or be in certain situations. His soul told me of how loud, overwhelming, and confusing the information coming into his human senses could be. Like a radio not properly tuned into a station, and turned up too loud. How the energies around him were often too much, too brash, too invasive so that he didn’t feel safe. And there was more.

And so together we co-created ways to shield him from these energies, to bring relief for his senses. And we reclaimed and downloaded incredible tools to support each other.

And since then, our souls meet to chat in a haven of peace within a beautiful Rainbow Tree.

There are of course days when I feel uncertain in my parenting and life decisions.

But I go to our Rainbow Tree and connect with my son’s soul there. Because our mission it to be sovereign and to co-create together. And we grow and we learn together.

It’s an exciting, sometimes bumpy journey, but I am so glad and grateful that we are on it together.

I believe this is an experience that all parents are entitled to receive. I believe this is how our children truly want to co-create with us. This is the gift they want to bring us.

And this has been my journey and how I continue to cultivate my relationship with my son, which is why I am so deeply passionate about sharing Quantum Parenting; a methodology that I’ve co-created, and which has transformed my life in such profound ways.


Being a Quantum Parent means:

We support our children to thrive in the human experience. We hear them and see them for who they truly are.

We empower our children to play in the Quantum and to consciously reclaim and call in energy gifts to support themselves.

We co-create with our children in the Quantum, supporting them to reveal more of their soul gifts, to unlock more of their superpowers and to follow their true joy.

This means that our children embody more of their soul mission as leaders of the New Earth, the new way of being, and bring in such high frequencies of love, joy, connection and unity. 

We are connected soul-to-soul with our children at such a deep level that there is ‘no getting it wrong’ as a parent. We know what their soul wants and needs.

We receive such beautiful guidance from our children to support us in our own ascension journey. 

We anchor our parenting into frequencies of more joy, more ease and more play as we co-create with our children, honouring our personal sovereignty and theirs, honouring our uniqueness and theirs.