free resources

free tools to support you on your path

quantum transmissions

A channelled Quantum Transmission to support you to ground your children through your own energy field. There is Light Language in the video. It is in the highest light and I would invite you to receive it through your heart.


The Hoverboard of Light is a high vibrational Quantum Tool which you can co-create with to support you to elevate your vibration.
There is channelled Light Language in this video. It is of the highest light and I invite you to receive it through your heart.

guided meditations

With my soul family I create Guided Visualisations and Journeys to support you with your parenting and with your ascension.

The Tree of Life Meditation is a channelled and magical journey co-created with Tree Wisdom and Fairy Magic.

Travel with us into a deeply nourishing forest and reclaim more of your life force energy. Supporting you to hold even more spaciousness in your field so that you can co-create more deeply with your children and with the frequency of joy in your parenting and in your life.

And Receive…
✨Guidance on regulating your nervous system for more inner calm and balance
✨Wisdom around the pace of unfolding, rooting and flexibility
✨A beautiful gift for you and your children from the Fairies 

The Power of Light is a high frequency Guided Meditation to support you to release stuck emotions from your energy field. Supporting you to embody more of your life force and authentic self.