quantum stories and toolkits for kids

quantum stories are an incredible way to support your children with human challenges, such as feeling safe going to sleep, intense emotions and boundaries. And they are an empowering way for your children to reveal more of their inner world to you.

Here is some guidance that will transform bedtimes!

Turn bedtime battles into cosmic adventures with Quantum Magic!

A Quantum Sleep Story is a portal which guides children into a higher sleep realm which feels safe for them.

For this portal we co-create with characters, such as friends from the angelic or elemental realms, a magical environment, and the energy of the words.

We can weave situations into our stories that our children may be experiencing, such as being worried about nightmares, being afraid of the dark or being alone. 

And we can trust our channel to give us quantum energy solutions to help with these difficulties so that our children can drift off to sleep feeling safe, calm and very loved. 

These stories are a co-creation with our children. They often add exactly what they need into the story!

welcome to etihara's sleep stories

Listen to EtiHara’s Sleep Story, Falling to Sleep Feeling Safe by Julie to support your children with peaceful sleep.

Listen to EtiHara’s Sleep Story, Falling to Sleep Feeling Calm Inside by Julie to support your children to drift off to sleep, worry-free.

Listen to EtiHara’s Sleep Story, Falling to Sleep Feeling Happy and Safe by Julie to receive a beautiful Dragon Flame protection for your children.

Adding to your care for them with powerful Quantum Guardianship.

Ignite your Quantum Magic and Support your Children to drift off to Sleep feeling Safe

Unlock a world of calm and comfort for your children at bedtime.

In this video we enter the Quantum together and receive a beautiful activation of your voice to align with the energy of sleep.

And we look at how to co-create your own Quantum Stories with your children, connecting with amazing characters that they will love! Helping your children drift off to sleep feeling safe and secure.

Bedtime will never be the same again!

Quantum Guardianship
Protect your Children the Quantum Way

Explore Quantum Guardianship with me in this video and empower yourself with quantum techniques that nurture your children’s wellbeing and peace.

In this channelled transmission there is so much for us to receive to support our journey and our children’s journey:

✨An Activation of Energetic Protection: Learn to call in and set up a protective quantum cloak around your children, ensuring they feel safe and calm.

✨A beautiful update to your own Energetic Protection.

✨Insights on how to keep this energetic shield strong and responsive to your child’s evolving needs.

✨A Deep Connection Through Quantum Stories, exploring innovative and expansive ways to enhance your bond and understand your child’s inner world.

more quantum toolkits for kids coming soon!

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“Wonderful meditation. And I heard it when I was walking in the wood and I felt more more connection with nature. Thank you Julie” ⚘⚘

Deep Sleep Meditation

“I loved this meditation. It helped me drop off to sleep in next to no time. Something I have badly needed for a very long time. Thank you Julie. Much love and gratitude for this. :)” Karen