How I can support you on your parenting pathway and ascension journey

I offer one-to-one sessions to help you to deepen your energetic connection with your children and to accelerate your shifts on your ascension journey.
I also offer quantum tools to support you and your children

How will an energetic connection help?

When you are energetically connected with your children you are in tune with what your children need and want.

Your Parenting is


What my child needs to flourish
  • Space to be who I am

  • Space to express who I am

  • Feeling safe and grounded

  • Consider other peoples’ perspectives

  • Interact and Communicate with others

  • Manage my emotions

Your Parenting is CONNECTED

“I am the right GUIDE, PROTECTOR and ENABLER for my children.”

‘My children are my guides in the quantum. They guide me on my ascension journey! 

“I am SEEN,

And your Journey together is a Partnership, an honouring of your sovereignty and your children’s sovereignty, of your uniqueness and theirs!

How I can support you

Receive support to connect energetically with your spiritually gifted and sensitive children.

Grow to understand and support your children’s mission.

Co-create with Quantum Technology and powerful light codes to expand your capacity to see from a higher perspective, to activate more love and happiness in your life and to deepen your soul connection with yourself and with your children. 

Coming in April 2024 The 12 Parenting Keys Quantum Programme
Unlock your Parenting Transformation

Download the 12 parenting keys brochure

This is a by consultation only programme. If you would like to find out more already, please book a free alignment call with me.

The Parent and Child Connection Programme

This programme supports you to energetically connect with your spiritually gifted and sensitive children. During each session we will deepen the energetic connection between you and your children. Please book a Free Alignment Call to find out more. Sessions are tailored to your needs but will typically include:

Releasing stuck energy from your energy field

This energy clear-out and spruce up will have you:

  • Clear limiting patterns and beliefs
  • Alchemise your emotions and shift into a deeper sense of happiness and fulfilment
  • Expand your capacity to receive more life force energy
  • Deepen your energetic connection with your children.



Rising to a higher vibrational state

Rising to a higher vibrational state will have you:

  • Access new levels of flow and enjoyment
  • Anchor into a state of heart wisdom and heart intelligence
  • Connect energetically more deeply with your children. 

Help reconnect any part of your children’s soul that has withdrawn through a healing Unicorn Meditation. Receive strategies to elevate your vibration and to keep the vibration in your home high and clear. 

Amplifying your intuition

Opening your channel of intuition will have you:

  • Receive the most aligned and powerful advice from your higher self and soul
  • Activate more confidence and trust in your intuition
  • Expand your capacity to trust your decision making 
  • Tune in to your child’s higher self with more confidence and activate a deeper trust in the messages you receive.



Setting strategies for self-care

We all know we need quality time for ourselves to honour our own needs as well as be there for our children.

Receive a bespoke channelled Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation to support you to heal any imbalances and strengthen your resilience. We will also set strategies for your self-care to maintain your personal sovereignty and boundaries, keep your vibration high, deal with issues that need to be released as they arise, and keep your energy levels balanced.

Strategies to help your child – Relaxation,
Grounding and Sleep

Receive a channelled meditation to reveal specific information on what your child needs energetically to relax, ground and sleep.

You will receive quantum techniques to support your child to relax, ground and sleep. This includes a Mp3 recording of my Dragon Flight guided meditation. This beautiful meditation promotes calm and rest. We will also look at your child’s conscious awareness of their unique gift.

Strategies to help your child – Managing Emotions and Interactions

Our children need balance and harmony. Strong emotions can upset this balance. These emotions may come from our children or be absorbed by our children from others.

You will receive channelled guidance on what your children need specific support with. You will receive quantum tools to support your children with what they have requested.

Strategies to help your child –
Setting up Boundaries and Protection

Receive a channelled meditation to strengthen your energetic connection with your children and to set up  boundaries for your children’s energy field.

Learn ways to tune into what is happening in your children’s energy field and in your own energy field. Learn how to guide your children to protect their energy field after someone or something upsets them.

Growing to understand and support
your child’s mission

Receive a channelled Heart to Heart meditation to keep your energetic connection with your child flowing and healthy. You will also receive this as an Mp3 recording.

In the meditation we will also ask about your child’s mission and how you can support this. A part of your child’s mission is to help and guide you with your ascension. As your connection strengthens, you may have wonderful new experiences. We will look at the possibilities and how you can nurture your strong energetic connection with your child.

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